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How much does the Inca Trail cost

Most tour companies cost around $700 USD per person for a group rate (meaning you can be placed with other hikers, a great opportunity to make friends).

You can also opt for a private tour, which means that no other people can be placed in your group, from $800 USD and $1,800 USD, depending on the size of your private group.

All companies operating the Inca Trail must be registered and have a special operators license, which is renewed annually. A large number of these companies are only set up to provide specific private tours in high season, and the rest offer expeditions throughout the year.

Note that an advance deposit is required to secure your Inca Trail permit, so if you choose a new, unestablished or cheaper provider, make sure you have done enough research before paying.

Please also note that permits are only issued with the tourist’s name and passport number and, once booked, cannot be changed or transferred. If you change your passport between booking and arrival at the entry checkpoint at Km. 82 (where they check passports), contact your travel company for advice.

It is not possible to hike the Inca Trail without an authorized guide, and it is unwise to hike without guides. Even if you are used to long-distance treks, the high altitude coupled with the steep climbs and endless 500-year-old stone steps are a recipe for disaster for non-locals.

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