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Discover the Rainbow Mountain in Cusco

In the Cusco region, Ausangate is the fifth-highest mountain in Peru and is considered the most significant in Andean cosmology.

The journey to Ausangate (Rainbow Mountain) is one of the most astonishing experiences you can have. Enjoy the landscape accompanied by native birds and animals along the way.

It’s a five-day and four-night expedition where you can truly connect with yourself. You will receive the protection and wisdom of what was once sacred in our culture. These five days and four nights will undoubtedly change your life.

Since the first Italian expedition, led by Piero Ghiglione, set eyes on “Apu Ausangate” in 1950, we can now enjoy “The Path of Apu Ausangate,” where our lives will be completely transformed. It provides a new perspective on everything around us that we often take for granted. Are you ready for the adventure?

Exploring these areas constitutes a special experience, combining the challenge of high altitudes with the enjoyment of outdoor activities and the marvel of a visual spectacle.

Additional Information:

Altitude and Landscape:

Ausangate stands at an impressive elevation, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. The diverse ecosystems along the route showcase the unique flora and fauna native to the region.

Cultural Significance:

Ausangate holds deep cultural significance in Andean cosmology. The journey is not only a physical adventure but also a spiritual one, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of the Andean people.

Local Communities:

The trek often involves interactions with local indigenous communities, providing an opportunity to learn about their traditional ways of life, customs, and beliefs. This cultural exchange adds a meaningful dimension to the overall experience.

Weather and Preparation:

Given the high altitude, participants should be prepared for varying weather conditions. Proper acclimatization and physical fitness are crucial for a safe and enjoyable trek. It’s advisable to pack accordingly, including essentials like layers, sunscreen, and a reliable pair of hiking boots.

The Ausangate trek is not just an outdoor adventure but a holistic journey encompassing nature, culture, and personal growth.

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