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Coca Leaf Tea to Prevent the Altitude Sickness in Cusco

If you are thinking about embarking on high-altitude trips in Peru and want to explore fascinating destinations like Cusco and Puno, it’s good to know about the benefits offered by “mate de coca.”

This famous ancient beverage has properties to alleviate “Soroche” or altitude sickness. Coca leaves contain globulin, which regulates the lack of oxygen in the environment.

Other benefits of Mate de Coca include:

  1. Regulates blood pressure.
  2. Improves body temperature.
  3. Acts as a great antidepressant.
  4. Aids in fat burning.

It is advisable to have a cup in the mornings or a few minutes before meals to avoid inhibiting calcium absorption. On the other hand, anyone from the age of 4 can consume this infusion; however, if a person is hyperactive or has severe heart problems, it is preferable to avoid it.

A final recommendation is that whenever you arrive at any high-altitude location, take at least a day to rest and eat lightly before starting your high-altitude trips in Peru.

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