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10 Curiosities About your Peru Trip

Peru is one of the best countries, replete with nature, delicious food, and many attractions that draw millions of tourists to travel through this country. Additionally, it boasts numerous traditions and somewhat unique customs compared to other places in the world. If you are planning to travel to Peru, familiarize yourself with these 10 curiosities that capture the attention of millions of people.

More than 90 Microclimates:

When contemplating your trip to Peru, asking people about the weather will yield varied responses: “it depends.” Peru has over 90 microclimates, meaning the climate varies depending on the location. You might encounter rain in Cusco or experience both rain and intense heat in the Peruvian jungle. Take necessary precautions to understand the climate of your chosen destination, and feel free to consult with us for assistance.

Everyone Drinks a Yellow Beverage:

In Peru, there’s something intriguing—almost everyone drinks a yellow beverage called Inka Kola. Coca Cola is not as popular here as in the United States or other countries. For many tourists, Inka Kola may taste like bubblegum the first time, but they often acquire a liking for it. So, if you spot Inka Kola anywhere in Peru, give it a try!

Home to the Oldest University in America:

Perhaps a piece of general knowledge, but one that you should be aware of as part of Peru’s history. The country is home to the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos, the oldest educational institution in America. Established on May 12, 1551, it continues to operate to this day.

Ranked Sixth in Gold Production:

Affordable trips to Peru attract millions of tourists for various reasons, and one of them is that Peru is the sixth-largest gold producer globally. Visitors can find relatively inexpensive gold prices here, with China, Australia, Russia, and the United States surpassing Peru. Another reason to consider a trip to Peru!

A Peruvian Nationality Dog:

For dog lovers, Peru has its own breed known to locals as the ‘perro calato’ or ‘Peruvian dog’ because it has no fur. It is one of the oldest dog breeds globally and has been part of Peru’s National Heritage since 2001. These dogs have even been found buried in the tombs of Inca royalty, as they are considered ideal pets for those with allergies. So, if you spot a ‘perro calato,’ don’t hesitate to take a photo—it has quite a history.

Most Streets are Called ‘Jirón’:

To avoid getting lost in Peru, here’s a tip: learn that almost all streets are called ‘Jirón.’ You’ll see many signs with ‘Jr. de la Unión, Jr. Cusco,’ which can be confusing for many tourists, especially Americans who might mistake it for the abbreviation of junior. Don’t be confused; Peruvians have the habit of calling all small streets ‘Jirón.’ So, if you see a sign with Jr., you’ll know it’s a street or alley.

Second Country with the Amazon Rainforest:

For those seeking a place filled with nature, fresh and clean air, a love for the sounds of animals, and a penchant for the green world, Peru has a corner for you. The Amazon Rainforest can offer all of nature in a serene setting. Nearly 60% of the country is covered by the rainforest, contributing to purer air.

Boasts the Deepest Canyon in America:

If you thought the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA, was immense, you should visit the Colca Canyon, located in Arequipa, Peru. This place has a depth of over 4160 meters, surpassing the Grand Canyon’s 800 meters. So, if you find yourself in Arequipa, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this marvelous place teeming with nature.

Guinea Pig is a Common Dish:

In many countries, guinea pigs are kept as pets, much like cats or dogs. However, Peru has a different custom. Don’t be alarmed if you pass by a Peruvian restaurant, peruse the menu, and see ‘Cuy’—Peruvians commonly consume this animal. Over 65 million guinea pigs are consumed here each year, and the taste is pleasing to the palates of thousands of tourists.

Home to One of the Oldest Incan Cities:

When you tell your friends or family that you are traveling to Peru, they undoubtedly ask you to visit Machu Picchu. And there are many reasons that will convince you. This is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, visited by millions of tourists each year. However, few people know that it is one of the oldest cities in the world. Here’s an interesting fact: while everyone sees the typical image of green mountains, if you turn it to the left, you can see the profile of a man, believed to have been made for an Inca royal.

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